I just wanted to let you know how Ally did on her math test on Tuesday. She got an 83%! That is the first test she has done better than a D on this whole entire year in math!!! Her math teacher was amazed and gave her a high 5! Ally said that what you two worked on is what made the difference! I haven't seen Ally smile that much about school all year. She came home after her game, hopped up to the counter and whizzed through her math homework (it was the same stuff she had on the test so she knew how to do it) first thing.
I really want to thank you for your help so far, and I wanted you to know that what you are doing is making a huge, huge difference to us. Ally has worked hard and seen very little success. She is walking on cloud 9 right now. Thank you, thank you!
Vicki D.

My son has worked with Rise and Shine Tutors now for both Spanish and Biology. They were terrific…always arrived on time, were personable and flexible, and were very helpful academically. We appreciate the time that went into screening for a good fit between the tutor and the student. It was wonderful to have the convenience of having the tutor coming to our home. We plan to continue to use this service as needed for other subjects.
Laurie E.

I wanted to thank you again for your help in getting Alex through a very tough math class. The extra help he got from you and his tutor through Rise and Shine Tutoring made a significant difference in his grade. Also his tutoring for ACT Prep really helped even though time was tight. Alex got a good score and did not need to repeat the exam like so many do!
I appreciated everything.
Luann D.

Rise and Shine Tutoring exceeded our expectations. Our family was in need of tutoring in Algebra this past school year. Our tutor Ann, was very knowledgeable, and professional. It is very convenient having the professional tutoring experience in your own home. I highly recommend Rise and Shine Tutoring!
Pam A.

My son Jack has always had a tough time grasping Math and in having the confidence in knowing what he was doing. The tutor from Rise and Shine Tutoring really helped him with those challenges and today he is taking Calculus. Jack asked me if I would get in touch with Rise and Shine Tutoring again this year to schedule weekly sessions, because he knows he needs that boost that they can offer.
Dawn-Marie J.

When my son needed some help with his Algebra class, I could only think of one place to seek help. It was Rise and Shine Tutoring. I knew that the owner had integrity and an excellent work ethic. I was more than happy with the results. After only two sessions, my son scored a B+ on his Algebra test. When we started my son had a D in the class. I would recommend Rise and Shine Tutoring again and again. The tutors they choose are of high quality and have great expertise in the area you are seeking! My sonís tutor related very well to what he was learning. Thanks, Rise and Shine Tutoring, you will come highly recommended in my books!
Millie H.

Testimonials from Tutors

I have been a tutor with Rise and Shine for over a year now and I am in awe at how organized and communicable this origination is. Lori is easy to reach and fast at responding. She holds the interest of both the tutor and tutored in her heart and mind. Lori is excellent at matching students with tutors because she takes the time to look at what the student needs and her tutorsí credentials to see if it will be a good fit. As someone who is elementary certified, I thoroughly enjoy working one on one with students to help them achieve both long-term and short-term goals.
Sarah W.

My experience working with Rise and Shine Tutoring was fantastic! I was a tutor and worked with several high school students, and absolutely loved it! It was especially great because everything was flexible, and Lori was incredible about working with both her clients and I to make sure things were running smoothly on all ends. Would definitely recommend RST for anyone looking for great tutoring options.
Kaveri K.

I've actually worked for Rise and Shine Tutoring, and I couldn't be happier. Lori, the owner, makes sure that her students are matched up well with her tutors, and she makes sure her tutors are very qualified.
Shushanna U.

Working for Rise and Shine has been such a great experience for me. The hours are flexible and I feel very safe in the homes of my students. Working in the home is also a benefit since the students feel more comfortable and relaxed and therefore are more receptive to the tutoring. I really appreciate the screening process to match students to tutors. As a tutor, itís really important for me to be able to connect with my students so that we can relate and build a connection, which helps facilitate each session. Rise and Shine is a great company and Iím so glad Iíve had the opportunity to work with them.
Kristen Z.

It is a pleasure working with ďRise and Shine.Ē As a previous School Administrator and teacher, it is reassuring to know the caliber of tutors that are being offered to the students! Allowing us to go directly into the schools is such a plus for the students, helping to make their tutor sessions less stressful and more time efficient.
T.J. F.

My experience with Rise and Shine Tutoring has been awesome. Lori does a fabulous job of communicating with the tutor and the families of our students, this results in a positive working environment. I couldn't be happier. Way to go Rise and Shine Tutoring for helping students be more successful!
Stephanie G.